Frequently Ask Questions

  • How do I make a booking with SS Floor Hire?

    Please provide the following in an email:

    Date of your Event.

    Location of Venue.

    Setup area - Indoors or Outdoors.

    Number of guests attending and we'll suggest a floor size:

  • How do I secure my booking?

    50% Payment required 7 Days from date of receiving your invoice.

    Balance to be Paid 5 days Prior to your Event.

  • Is it possible to Floor on Grass, Sand or Stone surfaces?

    Yes, we can definitely floor on these Surfaces... we prefer to floor on Grass surfaces, on the most even area, as the Floor lays toward the contours of the earth.. Sand and Stone there are no problem as we level the area to be floored.

  • Is it possible to setup the floor over a Pool?

    Yes, however there has to be an existing Structure built before we can Floor the pool area.

  • What is the product made of?

    The product is made of Poly Propylene Co Polymer, it’s a High Dense product that can withstand heavy Weight and Impact... the top level dance Floor area is a Vinyl tile.

  • Do you have more colours available other than black and white?

    Indeed we do, our current Colours are Gold, Silver, Pink, Mint, Red, Mustard, Grey and Light Oak

  • What is the Standard size Dance Floor?

    I wouldnt say standard, but rather our most requested size dance floor caters for a maximum 72 People Dancing simultaneously is a 6x6... it fills up the space evenly and Complements the Venue and Decor, it depends on the Space you have allocated for the dance floor.

  • How long does the setup take?

    e.g a 6x6 dance floor...This depends on the distance from the delivery area to the setup area, however, to give you an approximate estimation, 20mins to 45mins to setup indoors and 30mins to an 1hour to setup outdoors.

  • Does one slip on the floor?

    All our floors are Non-slip ideal for dancing, however if Wine or other Liquids are spilt, it will become slippery as with all Vinyl & Ceramic surfaces. We'll provide you with some guidelines on how to ensure maximum safety in this regard for all your guest during your Event.

  • Are we allowed to place Monograms onto the Floor?

    Yes, you may do so when making the enquiry, please notify us in your message.

  • Can we smash Plates & Glasses on the Floor?

    Of Course NOT, however, if prior arrangements are made and the costs of damages are covered, you may go ahead as we understand it is customary in certain cultures.

  • When do you collect the floor?

    We collect the flooring the next day, as soon as the venue allows.

  • Do you collect at Midnight?

    Yes, Absolutely!